Wall Friendly Putty

Wall Friendly Putty

Wall Friendly Putty

AADHAR SHREE WALL FRIENDLY PUTTY guards the interior and exterior wall like a vigilant soldier. Formulated with the right balance of White Cement, Polymers and advanced chemical additives to create magic and amazing bonding to the surface.

AADHAR SHREE WALL FRIENDLY PUTTY meets the most stringent quality demands of the customers. It protects and decorates the interior and exterior walls against weathering. lt fills the minor cracks and crevices in the external walls.

The streak of excellence and commitment to deliver nothing but the best is reflected in Aadhar Shree offering Aadhar Shree wall friendly putty with the international grade of formulation by Paridhi Udyog

Quality Of Paramount

The inherent qualities of this product truly justify the brand name.Like an ever vigilant guard , polymer and the white cement based Aadhar Shree wall Friendly Putty guards the interior and exterious walls. The walls get a porolonged life and aesthetic look due to its application. White cement, polymer, advanced, chemicals come together to create magic and amazing bonding.

Technical Specification

Ultra White
Pot Life
360 Minutes
Fineness : 150 Microns
99% passing
Coverage Double Coat
20-25 sq.ft/Kg
Water + Putty Ratio
500ml + 1kg Putty
Compressive Strength
13.46 n/mm
Tensile Adhesion Strength
2.26 n/mm
Thickness Of Two Coat
1.5 mm

repellency enduring protection

Polymer and white cement based Aadhar Shree wall friendly putty is hydrophobic and reduces capillary water absorption fro year altogether without effecting water-vapour permeabilty. The product quickly disperess completely when stirred into water on construcation site. These property then develop as the polymer film form. The binder containing, the hydrophobic components tendes to accumulate in pores, which minimise capillary water absorption.

Its prevent penetration of water preventing the formation of algae and mould. Plus, it affords lasting protection by forming polymer films.

polymer and white cement baseds Aadhar Shree Wall Friendly Putty meets the most stringent demands. As the outer skin, it performer many function. It not only decorates, but protects the substrate againts weathering and moisture without sealing.

Aadhar Shree Wall Friendly Putty is extremely user-friendly. On mixing, it seems soft like butter, imparts beautiful looks to exterior and interior surfaces and sets easily.More over, you can create beautiful texture according to your interior and exterior need. Cracks do not appear and application is very very easy


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