Aadharshree Divya Jod

Aadharshree Divya Jod

Aadharshree Divya Jod

Dear Anticipator, we are very glad to introduce you to our very unique product, which is very much effective for bonding pop, ready mix plaster and cement plaster with any kind of surface like: roofs and salls.

Common Issues Faced While Surface Preparation

  • Providing mechanical key instead of hacking. Hacking is always problematic for the applicators.
  • Fitting Mash (Jail) on the Roof.
  • To solve such kind of problems, an intelligent team of Aadhar shree research introduce you a strong and reliable bond between the plaster and subtract surface called BONDlNG AGENT.


  • Bonding Agent is ready to apply
  • It’s a single coat paint application
  • Takes 24 hrs. to dry
  • Adhesive sgrength: 1.01 n/mm2
  • Green colour help to appear the applied area
  • It can be applied at any temperature under 5-45°C
  • Plaster can be applied within 10 days of preparation
  • Approximate coverage area would be 6m2/kg on normal surface
  • Containing very fine aggregates to impart better mechanical bond
  • This is the only highest quality bonding product for any plaster

Application Methodology

  • Make the surface dust and mould oil free.
  • Use always a high quality of paint brush.
  • Mix the solution well before applying at surface.
  • Apply even distribution of fine aggregates over the surface.
  • Wait for 24hrs or may depend on the weather to dry.
  • Now you can apply plaster within 10 days.
  • Recommended thickness of plaster is in ceiling in 8-10mm only.


  • Do not apply on fire place
  • Do not apply on wet surface
  • Do not apply on the door and window frames
  • Do not apply on decorative surface, as once dried it will have to be scrapped or
  • Washed for removing the same

Packs Available

  • 10 kg

  • 20 kg

Available Shades

Choose from our special shades of Emulsion, Distemper, Enamels and Stainers in our Colour Catalogue.

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