Bedding as a part of decor

Bedding as a part of decor

Retrieve your dream of a beautiful bedroom with these tips on styling a relaxing retreat using color, pattern and texture. Its easy to build from a neutral base, but don’t be afraid of introducing color. Be clever – stick to a few hues, and work with what’s already in the room.  Once you’ve found your palette, balance small doses of bright color with softer tones for a calm feel.

Have fun with stripes, spots and graphic patterned linens & cushions – they add energy and keep things modern. Remember to include plenty of solid color to ensure a restful retreat.

Layer your bed with beautiful textures and natural fabrics – try pure linen, cotton & wool.  Change it up each season, but keep the color palette limited for subtle contrast & depth.

  • Date : 20 Apr 2015

  • Author : Ajay Sinha

  • Category : Inspiration Gallery

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