Eco friendly decor ideas

Eco friendly decor ideas

Choose home decor that’s recycled, reused, will last a long time and require very little maintenance. Design your home in an eco-friendly fashion with the concept in mind that what comes out of the earth has to go back to the earth.

No matter your style, there are ways to get greener interiors without turning your home into a forest. A really good eco-design is a design that doesn’t needs explanation. If you need a new dining room table, don’t just think that the only choices are going to the store and buying one. Buy a table base kit and visit local wood salvage yards for reclaimed load to use as a top.

If people implement some of these and make changes in their behaviors towards Mother Earth, then we would be able to make our planet a much better place to live in – also for coming generations.

  • Date : 20 Apr 2015

  • Author : Ajay Sinha

  • Category : Inspiration Gallery

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