Rooms made better with jaw dropping rugs

Rooms made better with jaw dropping rugs

It really can be simple. Use rugs to secure a dining spot, living room seating area, or at the end of the bed. Pick one with a strong pattern, color variations, or textures that pick up on other elements already present in your decor. It will take the focus off the spread of carpet and place it on the decorative elements of the room. Just make sure it’s really an area rug, not one that could pass as a bath mat, which would only draw more attention to the carpet. Don’t be afraid to use several rugs in the same room to classify divide spaces. The solution is using the right type of area rug. Most cotton ones will cluster up even with a rug pad, so go for natural fibers and thicker rugs with rubber backing that will add grip.

  • Date : 20 Apr 2015

  • Author : Ajay Sinha

  • Category : Inspiration Gallery

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